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Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (24 Reviews)
Trek 2.3 Compact - 2011

Trek's 2.3 Compact is a close replica to Pro Tour-level bikes with a ride quality that disguises its affordability. This beautiful road rocket boasts Trek's efficient, light Alpha Black Series aluminum frame and a vibration-damping, corner-carving carbon Bontrager Race fork. It's equipped with… [more]

Product Rating
0.0 stars
 (0 Reviews)
Trek 4th District - 2011

There's just something abut riding in the city. You see more, hear more, experience more. Yet, you don't have to be a city-dweller to enjoy Trek's 4th District. Its lightweight Alpha Black aluminum frame and slick carbon fork are easy to maneuver on tight, crowded city streets and feel almost… [more]

Product Rating
3.5 stars
 (4 Reviews)
Trek Speed Concept 7.0 - 2014
$1,999.00 - $3,039.99

Trek's Speed Concept 7.0 takes your speed to new highs and your PRs to new lows. Trek makes this happen with their full carbon frame featuring wind-cheating Kammtail frame shaping that makes you faster, even in cross winds. Up front, an equally aero, completely integrated carbon fork slices the… [more]

3 Results