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Speak Up for Bicycles

We live in a world where the dominant mode of transportation for the last 75 years has been the automobile.  As a result the transportation infrastructure has been built almost exclusively for the convenience of automobile travel.  The result is great if you want to get somewhere by car, not so much if you don't.  At many levels the complete reliance on automobiles for transportation is unhealthy or dangerous.  Obesity, pollution, climate change, economic vulnerability and national security threats are problems directly caused by large scale reliance on the automobile for transportation.

Choosing a bicycle for some transportation trips is one way to address these problems.  The more people who make this choice the greater the effect.  When people are surveyed about why they don't ride bicycles, the number one response is "no safe place to ride".  It is clear that if the full potential of the bicycle as a transportation alternative is to be realized, transportation infrastructure must be built to accommodate bicycles.

The automobile industry, the oil and gas industry and the highway construction industry all spend millions of dollars to lobby the national and state governments to continue funding automobile centric transportation infrastructure.  If people who chose the bicycle as a means of transportation want to see bicycle facilities as well, they need to make their voices heard.  Our goal is to provide you with the chance to begin this process.  This area of our web site contains links to national bike advocacy organizations and initiatives as well as local and regional groups.  Please do your part.  Support these groups and let your elected officials know:  I bicycle and I vote!