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Specialized Turbo Como SL

The Como Super Light is a low-maintenance joy machine, equipped with everything you need for spontaneous fun. Carry it down stairs, zip across town, pack it full of groceries, it’s ready to take flight. It also just so happens to double your power when you pedal—with super-smooth assistance that makes you feel like the superhero you are.

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Rider Amplification2x You

Cargo Capacity 77 lbs

Maximum Assist 28 mph

The Super Light System motor gives a natural assist to every ride. Start pedaling and the assist kicks in without knocking you back. Climb every steep hill that comes your way without breaking a sweat and enjoy a motor that will never weigh you down, even when you want to ride with it off. Every mode smartly adjusts to the effort you put in, giving you a power delivery so smooth, you might just forget it’s electric, but you’ll definitely feel the smile on your face.

With optional Range ExtenderBattery Range

Eco Mode

Up to 93 Miles

Sport Mode

Up to 51 Miles

Turbo Mode

Up to 37 Miles


No need to mess around with the Como SL—just charge up and it’s ready to ride. The internal gear hub (IGH) keeps the gears housed and sealed inside the rear hub, protecting them even at the most packed bike rack, and the optional Gates belt drive doesn’t need lubrication like a chain does. Ultra-bright lights are built in and powered by the internal battery, so you’re always lit.


The Como Super Light isn’t slowed down by bad weather. Specialized designed this bike for all seasons in all regions. With powerful disc brakes and wide Nimbus tires, you’ll feel stable and well-connected to the road. DRYTECH fenders deflect the dirt and water away from you, while integrated lights illuminate the road ahead. And the most important components—Internal Gear Hub, battery and cables—stay protected from the elements and running clean.


  • Integrated lights are always on when the bike is
  • Built-in DRYTECH fenders keep you dry and dirt-free
  • Rear rack holds two panniers (up to 20 kg/44 lb)
  • Integrated front basket for grocery shopping on an empty stomach (up to 15 kg/33 lb)
  • Optional belt drive doesn’t require lube and lasts longer than a chain
  • Internal gear hub isn’t affected by the elements
  • Built-in lift handle for easy maneuvering
  • Kickstand for quick parking


All of the Specialized Turbo Como Super Light bikes are compatible with the SL Range-Extender Battery, which gives you an extra 50% of your riding distance depending on mode. Worried about having enough power to get home again? Not only can you take the Range Extender with you to charge at your destination, but you can use the Mission Control app to adjust how your bike draws from both batteries, then input your trip information so the bike manages everything to get you home with plenty of power.


Connect your bike to your phone to get the most out of your Como SL. Before you take off, enter your ride distance or time into Smart Control and let your bike manage the power output so you never run out of e-assist. You can also diagnose potential service needs, record and share ride info with friends, and even give your bike its own custom name.


Capable & Agile TURBO COMO SL

2x You

Up to 93 miles w/Optional Range Extender

Equipped Cargo Capacity 77 lbs

Comfortable & Quick TURBO COMO

4x You

Up to 80 Miles

Optional Cargo Capacity 33 lbs


How does e-assist work?

The e-assist kicks in the moment you start pedaling. It precisely matches your pedal power, so it’s always smooth and never jerky. Pedal harder, and it goes harder. You can adjust the mode from Eco (least assist and longest battery time) to Sport to Turbo (most assist).

Can I ride it without the e-assist on?

Yep. If you want to conserve battery life or just enjoy pedaling on your own, you can turn off the e-assist, and it rides just like a normal bike.

What about riding in bad weather?

Good question. The bright lights and grippy tires will keep you visible and riding right in all seasons. While the IGH means your gears stay rain, grime and salt-free. 

Can I wash it?

Yep. Just don’t forget to power it off and cover the charging port. Oh, and never, ever use a power hose, it’s too much force for any bike.

How often do I need to charge it?

That depends on assist mode, hills, temps, and more. Plan to charge after about two hours of solid biking if you don’t have the Range Extender. We recommend plugging it in every time you get home, so you never run out of juice unexpectedly.

How does Internal Gear Hub (IGH) shifting work?

IGH bikes shift when you’re not pedaling. This means you’ll want to let off pressure from the pedals for a moment as you shift. It also means you can shift while stopped at a red light, then pedal away with ease when the light turns green. 

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