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Next Tuesday Shop Ride 5/21, meet at the Wegmans lot for the Biscuit Run trails at 6:15pm. More details on our group rides page.

Blue Wheel Off-Road Team

The Blue Wheel Off-Road Team is a pilot for 2024 whose pioneer members will test the program this coming season. The pioneer teammates include athletes and ambassadors in mountain biking, cyclocross and gravel riding.

The Blue Wheel Off-Road Team goes beyond racing.

Our team goal is simple: To introduce folks to the wonders of off-road riding. We do this through group rides, trail work, community events, and racing. Teammates are here to prioritize a supportive and fair environment over race results.

The Blue Wheel Off Road team encourages volunteering in all forms (not just relating to bikes). Throughout the year, we hope you’ll see our teammates assisting at local cycling events (like the Moonshiner’s Enduro) and helping with trail work. We want to be ambassadors for PMA (Positive Mental Attitudes) and getting more people into riding gravel, cyclocross and mountain bikes. The team’s Code of Conduct includes good sportsmanship, helping those in need and encouraging others to enjoy the outdoors.

Thanks to Our Sponsors for Making This Possible!

Local sponsors:


Move Medical Massage

AMPPL Trails

Alloy Workshop

Rocky Hollow Carbon Repair

Cold Country Salmon

Campbell Equipment

JBird Supply

Industry sponsors:


Fox Racing

Industry Nine

Ridge Supply