Park Tool Super Patch Kit

5.0 stars
 (3 Reviews)
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The Super Patch Kit is comprised of a small plastic case, a piece of sandpaper for roughing up the tube and 6 peel-and-stick patches so no gluing is required. The patches stick fast thanks to 3M technology and they're thin and flexy to stretch with the tube. There's no easier way to patch a tube.

Consumer Reviews

5.0 stars

(3 reviews)

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  • Easy to apply 
  • Easy to use 
  • Fast 
  • No glues 
  • Rugged 
  • Small 


Best Uses

  • City bikes  (2)
  • Mountain bikes  (2)
  • Road bikes  (2)
  • Any bike 

Apr 29, 2015

Work amazingly well

Easy to use, Rugged, Quick
Best Uses:
Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, City Bikes
I've been using these patches for about five years now, and have some that have been in place for that long now. I consider these to be permanent patches (unlike some other brands of self-adhesive patches), and no longer own a cement based patch kit. I've only ever had to replace a single patch. It started leaking after about a year and a half because i had botched the job initially (didn't realize i had a double puncture, so i moved the patch after initially installing). Frankly, i'm amazed it held at all. Normally, i don't bother to use the sandpaper to rough up the intertube, but i do sometimes use an alcohol pad to clean the tube (it dries quickly). Patches go on easily. I try to keep my fingers off the adhesive, but usually i get my finger on one corner of the patch. Nonetheless, they hold well. The most difficult part is ensuring it goes on squarely, but that's not too difficult. After applying, i press firmly all over the patch for 30-40 seconds total. Then put it back in the tire, reinstall on the rim, pump it up and i'm good to go. Very quick and painless. If you're using old school cement based patches, do yourself a favor and buy a package of these.
by Hawkeye from Portland, Oregon, USA

Oct 23, 2012

Quick, easy, and reliable flat repairs!

Best Uses:
Mountain Bikes, City Bikes, Road Bikes
I've made 5 roadside flat repairs and 4 flat repairs for family members and all 9 flats have continued to hold air normally with the first of those flat repairs now a year and a half old. These cementless patches allow quick and easy roadside flat repairs and I'm on my way in no time. I'd never go back to messy rubber cement type patches which never held anywhere near as reliably as these cementless patches.
by Dwight from Upper Darby, PA

Feb 17, 2011

Fast and easy!

Small, No Glues, Easy to apply
Best Uses:
Any bike
Got a few of these when they were on sale and gave a couple to friends to try out, as well as putting a couple in my own seat bag. One day I happened to hit a piece of metal that jammed into my chainstay and pinched my tube against the wheel. Poked two holes into the tube. Pulled over, took off the wheel and tire, roughed up the area and wiped it with my clean shirt (don't want to get skin oils on the rubber), then applied the patch. It stuck right on, and after rubbing and making sure it was stuck good, I reinflated and was good to ride the few more miles home. Really came through. Only problem is they're easy to lose cause they're so small! The whole box is only about 1" square. Patches are slightly smaller than that.
by Chorca from Orlando, FL