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Scottsville "60 at 6"

Metric century ride to Scottsville via Monticello and back via Topscott and Esmont. Detailed ride description coming soon. Cue sheet:
1.From route 20 turn LEFT on route 53 (stoplight) (skip to step 4 if not taking the Saunders trail).
2.Go over Monticello either on the Saunders Monticello trail (
/trail.html) by turning right into the parking lot off 53 and following Saunders Trail signs or continuing straight on 53.
3.If you take Sanders trail turn right at the stone bridge at the top to come back to 53. Then turn RIGHT on 53 to continue the ride.
4.From the 53/20 intersection go 3 miles to Simeon. Turn RIGHT to stay on 53.
5.After .25 miles on 53 turn RIGHT onto the James Monroe Parkway (route 795, Y intersection).
6.In 2.6 miles go LEFT on Rolling Rd (795/620).
7.Follow Rolling Rd for 5 miles to Woodridge- a 5 way intersection. Stay STRAIGHT on Rolling Rd by following the main road and watching for signs (see Woodridge blow up).
8.Follow Rolling Rd for another 8.8 miles to Kidds Store, a T intersection with route 6. Turn RIGHT on route 6.9.Follow route 6 for 8.5 miles to the town of Scottsville (sharp RIGHT bend at the bottom of the hill where route 6 becomes Main St).
10.Follow Main St (route 6) for 0.5 mile to a RIGHT turn onto route 20 (Valley St).
11.Follow Valley St. for 0.2 miles to a LEFT on Warren St.
12.Climb steep hill on Warren St for 0.36 miles to top of hill and intersection with James River Rd.
13.Warren St ends- Stay STRAIGHT on James River Rd.
14.Follow James River Rd 2.9 miles to a T intersection. Turn RIGHT to stay on James River Rd.
15.Follow James River Rd another 1.5 miles to a bend in the road. Bear RIGHT to stay on James River Rd/Porters Rd.
16.Continue on James River Rd/Porters Rd for 1 mile to the intersection/stop sign with Langhorne Rd.
17.Continue STRAIGHT on James River Rd/Porters Rd for another 0.39 miles and turn RIGHT on Porters Rd. at Topscott just before Lone Oak Farm.
18.Follow Porters Rd for 3 miles to the intersection with route 6. (C-Store just down route 6 to your left if needed).
19.Go STRAIGHT across route 6 to continue on Porters Rd.
20.Follow Porters Rd 1.88 miles to intersection with Esmont Rd. Turn RIGHT on Esmont Rd.
21.Follow Esmont Rd 2.8 miles to Keene. Turn LEFT onto Plank Rd (712).
22.Follow Plank Rd for 5.7 miles to a RIGHT on Old Lynchburg Rd (631).
23.Stay on Old Lynchburg Rd for 3.12 miles to the intersection with Red Hill Rd (708). Stay STRAIGHT on Old Lynchburg Rd for another 6.3 miles.
24.Either turn LEFT on Old Lynchburg Rd to return to the UVA area or go STRAIGHT on 5th St Extended to return downtown.